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Yes, chickens all over the world have realised that they cannot fart! It's true, it's official, it's absolutely ludicrous, but who gives a dogs right testicle.

And now for something different from the norm

Menyoogajugajuga hodrigoyolu.

Thank you.

Dear sir, I would like to complain about the above ludicrous statement. That's not different from the norm, my wife speaks like that everyday.

WIFE: Menyoogajugajuga hodrigoyolu.

And I wish to point out that what you wrote, in my wife's language, translates to:
My penis has been cut in half to worship the two headed snake god.

If the above statement made you wince, then it is confirmed that you are indeed a boy. If you didn't, you are a girl.
If you are a girl and you winced than you are a cross dresser.

If you are a boy and you didn't wince you have no penis.

Or it could mean you are a girl dressed as a boy.

Well, then that could mean that if a girl does wince, she is a girl with a penis.




Oh, god, do we have to keep on at these bloody farting exploding jokes? It's getting a bit tedious. (fart!) See? I farted, I didn't...


Board of Internet Censorship

From now on, nobody will be allowed to fart and explode. They are not even allowed to fart. Or explode. If they do, we will blow them up.


Actually, that's a bit pointless, because if you fart, you'll explode anyway.

Doesn't really work, now does it?


News at ten with Trevor McDonald.


The world clenches their bottoms in a vain attempt not to explode. Once the third reich got word of this, they came out of their defrostation units and attacked with laxatives. They sprayed the gas form of laxative which induces farting, and the whole of America is now farting and exploding at once.

A Word From The President Of The United States

I am trying my best to clench, but it's not working. since I'm going to die, I would like to tell America and the world the truth.

I am actually black.

Yes, I was one of the followers of the Black Panther Organisation, and had plastic surgery so we, the black, could attack the white government and destroy the racist power. Then these goddam Nazi's came. Screw you, Hitler...!


If you are black, please don't get offended. Thank you.
If you are not black, please don't get offended either. Thank you.
If you have no colopur on your skin, get lost you transparent mucus. Thank you.

Take me back to the farting beginning. I want to be sane!!!