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Under VERY HEAVY construction

Hello to me and hello to you! I'm Khairil M. Bahar, the maker of this celebrated homepage of world wide neurocism... whatever the hell that means. I hail from Malaysia, although I'm eternally held within the deep pits of a dark place known only as... England. It's not too bad, give or take the odd bombing, killing, and mad cows. Yes, forget all the bad stuff of England, such as the government, the inflation, the unemployment and the failed attempt of winning first in a world wide sports competition, give or take perhaps one or two, it's an okay place... in the summer. In the winter I'd rather have my head up a turkey's bottom. Yes, it is that bloody cold. I like spring, I like summer, I like autumn, I despise winter. The only good thing about winter is snow, and its not much use when you keep forgetting where you put your gloves. Anyway, on with the show. Please feel free to surf at your leisurely expense.

Opaque Productions. Where I make videos.

Me, myself and I. A Malaysian in London.

Enter the Abstract world of the abstract side of my psyque.

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