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The following was sent by Khairil and Lee to Yogi Patel, since they had nothing better to do. For ease o0f reading and in order to stop confusion, we will give you a brief history lesson:

Yogi Patel has a very gelled hairstyle. He goes to the same school as Khairil and Lee and they are all good friends. The two were only poking harmless fun at him. Adapopop!
KHAIRIL: Hello, Bogi!!!! Ogy bogy ogy bogy ogy bogy!!!
LEE: Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
KHAIRIL: Er... BOO...GHEE? BO, Bo Bubble Ghee. Do you use Ghee?
LEE: I've got the same hairstyle as you, but at least I don't put GHEE!!!!!!
KHAIRIL: What is Ghee?
LEE: Indian omelete.
KHAIRIL: Yogi uses Indian omeletes to style his hair?
LEE: Well...
KHAIRIL: Yogi, I bet you think that this is really stupid and were not gonna be serious...your right.
LEE: I'm going to buy Ghee for you, Yogi, when you leave.
KHAIRIL: Leave what?
LEE: Robert LEVY!!!
KHAIRIL: Do you want a towel?
LEE: Why?
KHAIRIL: To wipe the ghee off your heads!!!
LEE: Who, me?
KHAIRIL: No, my rabbit. His name is YOGI BOGI!!!!
LEE: Yah yah yah, yah yah!! Woo ha!!!
KHAIRIL: Yah yah yah Yogi!!!
LEE: What other thing is greasy and oily?
KHAIRIL: Italians.
LEE: What? He uses italians on his hair!?
KHAIRIL: They must be really small.
LEE: Excuse me, excuse me.
LEE: Munch munch munch, munch munch munch...
KHAIRIL: What are you eating?
LEE: I'm eating...BOGI!!!!
KHAIRIL: Oh, it must be really greasy.
LEE: Yogi, do you want a fish drink?
KHAIRIL: Thats not greasy.
LEE: Yes it is, after Bogi drinks it.
KHAIRIL: What is wind?
LEE: Ask Bogi, he makes it.
KHAIRIL: alright, alright, keep it down...
LEE: Yogi's so stupid, he asked me what's the number for 911?
KHAIRIL: Hang on...
LEE: He tried to put M&M's in alphebetical order.
LEE: What?
KHAIRIL: Stop it.
LEE: Uvafu.........

We have also found a hidden passage of Chaucers prologue, describing the 'Yogi':

An din thair wis a very graisy Bogi,
Who kameth down from ye sixties,
He was chareetabel,
And bendabell,
Ygive graise too wall did peepol,
And he ait a fishhy drinky,
And saideth it tastid sweetiee,
He was a very parfait gintiman,
Whoo useth the Gheeeeeeee, man,
Yo, yo, yo, adapopop,
A very parfait podopopop,
And theneth he ate a pingong ponging ball,
And died of cancer.
And chocked.
and went bulemic.
And ate his own ear.

Can you spot, the Bogi?
In the following passage, is the word, BOGI. Find it, and you will win a prize.


Tough, isn't it.

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